The State Of Mobile Monetization – Second edition

Today’s mobile app marketers measure and benchmark more than just eCPM. In our all-new report The State of Mobile Monetization, our team analyzed millions of data points to provide detailed market share, engagement benchmarks and trend insights including:

  • Retention rates
  • Share of voice
  • Growth rates
  • Breakdown by platform and Geo

This edition of Mobbo Power Index is bigger and better than ever, delivering the industry’s most comprehensive ranking of the top mobile media sources. We’ve sifted through the technology stack of 4.1 million apps, analyzing over 1,000 SDK components to calculate the Mobile Advertising Power Index, which reveals the key players in the mobile advertising market, see which ad networks perform best for mobile app marketers.


A few key findings from the latest edition of the research include:

•    Google and Facebook continue to dominate: The search giant is making headway in mobile, with 65.84% of Android Share of Voice and 81.99% on iOS, Facebook took the 2nd place on Android with 21.81% SOV and is up to 6th place on iOS with 5.89%.

•    Fyber becomes the fastest growing Monetization SDK: With a 392.98% growth from beginning of 2017 Fyber quadruples it’s client base and becomes the fastest growing ad Monetization SDK, Tappx second to it nearly triples it’s client base.

•    Chartboost catching up to AdMob: The Game centered in app advertising network has shown impressive advances, Chartboost is catching up to AdMob  as more game developers keep testing game centered advertising SDKs.

•    Video is here to stay: Video networks Adcolony, Unity, Vungle all showed impressive growth and climbed in ranking.

•    Startapp becomes the third most popular Monetization SDK among app developers: And the fourth most popular Monetization SDK overall.

•    Cheetah Mobile sees highest lift in retention: The China-based global network sees the best retention rate on Android.


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