The Mobbo Mobile Power Index

In order to perfect an app in today’s mobile-first world, marketers must utilize several mobile SDKs.
Luckily app marketers aren’t short of options. There are over 1,000 SDK’s, each helps developers to solve a problem, and finding the suitable solution can be rather confusing.

When choosing an SDK service provider, there is a big advantage when working with a mature solution that has been tested on multiple apps and has scale. After analyzing millions of apps, to understand the technology stack that underlies within them, and to Assist with this challenging time consuming task, and cut through the noise.

In the latest report we look at 9 different SDK categories: Payment, Data Monetization, Rewarded Ads, Analytics, Attribution, Engagement, Crash Reporting, Social and Monetization. The report shows the SOV (Share of Voice) for each category and gives the developers an indication on what are the most popular SDKs.

Some of the finding from the latest report:

  • PayPal is the most popular Payment SDK on Android with 66% of apps using a Payment SDK choosing PayPal.
  • UnityAds is the most popular Rewarded Ads SDK on Android with 44% SOV.
  • Google Analytics continues to be the most popular Analytics SDK on Android and iOS with 94% market share on Android and 50% on iOS.
  • Appsflyer takes the first place as the most popular Attribution SDK on both Android and iOS with 74% market share on Android and 59% on iOS showing how important Attribution is for developers.
  • Appboy is the leader on Android with 65% market share, the next most popular Engagement SDK is Onesignal with 11%.
  • Crashlytics is the most widely used Crash Reporting SDK on both Android and iOS.